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Manufactured from recycled concrete and brick, crushed and then screened to grade being 20-50mm. Our product is above required specification and recommended to leading drainage equipment suppliers of Perth.

Ideal for Subsoil drains, Drainage Cell Systems and bedding material for pipework in waterlogged conditions.


Premium 19 mm roadbase with a high cohesion level when mixed with water and compaction to leave a hard durable base. Compaction results above 98% are easily achieved of achieving results of 100% – 103%.

Suitable for base coursing for roadways, carparks and under paving areas to provide a stable foundation for a lifetime and can also be used as hardstand material.


Budget range material and can be used as hardstand material the same as grade 1 Premium product and will also provide compaction of in excess of the required 98%.

Still more than suitable for access tracks and as a firm base under paving and concrete areas at a cheaper price.


Manufactured purely from recycled concrete crushed, screened and refined to 19mm product . 99.99% free of all contaminates including brick and has high bonding properties while leaving a nice concrete look finish when water bound and rolled for compaction.

Suitable for asphalt carparks and roads, hardstand areas, driveways and access tracks. Can also be used in cement mixes as a recycled alternative to blue metal.

TOPSOIL Our topsoil is first stockpiled for months and kept moist to decompose organics, it is then screened to -10mm to remove any roots or rubble to leave an ideal mix for any garden applications required.

Our TESTED fill sand is collected mainly from earthworks sites around Perth. It is screened to -7mm to remove traces of construction waste for a final product.

Ideal for sand pads, back filling and site preparations. It is a cheaper and more environmentally friendly option than sand pit excavations and has been approved for many large construction projects.


Allday Construction runs a recycling plant on premises. Materials are sorted through a variety of separation techniques to separate the different recyclable materials. This can include manual sorting to remove large-scale and visible contamination and trommels with various sized screens for sorting.

After the material has been separated, it is baled and sent to commercial entities to be manufactured into new products or crushed and re-used within the earthworks industry.

The use of recycled screened sand and aggregates has a wide range of applications within the construction industry and the supply and production of these materials is not only cost effective, but also substantially reduces the amount of landfill and the carbon foot print on the environment.

Allday Construction WA Pty Ltd is committed to reducing its ecological footprint by following Environmental Management best practices.

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