Horse Arena Construction

As competitive riders ourselves, Allday Construction understands arena surface and construction and how important it is to ensure the long term soundness of our equine team mates.

There are so many factors to consider when designing your arena and choosing the products to be used in the construction of the base and surface layers.  Below are a few points to consider, please give us a call and we will be happy to work with you to design a solution and fits your requirements.

More Information

Ask for a copy of the “The Arena Construction Booklet”  which details
the construction process and pros and cons of the different materials.
Any feedback is most appreciated.

Arena Planning


The intended use of the arena will influence the choice and depth of surface material, a reining horse will impact the surface differently to a dressage horse which is again different for jumping.

Will it be high traffic such as an agistment centre or riding school, or just for private use? Will the private use be top level in a specific discipline or for more basic all-rounder?


A competition dressage arena is 60m x 20m, or the second most common size is 40 x 20m, show jumping arenas are around 60 x 30m or bigger, but you can chose a size that fits your requirements and fits into your property scheme, it does not have to be a set size.

Will you setup an arena inside the main arena so there can be training poles outside of the main working area?  Or so that you can take down and move slightly so that the same path is not always taken.

Property layout

Where on your property would you like to place the arena? Is the placement suitable for an arena in regards to drainage (which can add to the cost) or excessive wind (which can remove the surface over time)? Is there sufficient space, or any factors like nearby roads or neighbors that could influence your decision? Quad and arena rake access? Do you want to view from the back porch? Will you need retaining walls, lighting or a viewing platform? Do you want to link a round yard to the same area?  Take your time to really plan what you would like to create for long term.


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