Dimension and Loading Checklist

Dimension, Mass and Loading Checklist
Item No Yes
Dimension – is vehicle within regulated dimension and mass See note 1  
Permit/Notice correct (is for the dimension or mass checked) See note 2  
Check proposed route is authorised on the permit or notice See note 3  
Is load secured See note 4  
Is the tie down equipment in good condition and suitable for weights See note 4  
Has the load been evenly distributed so axels arent overloaded See note 4  
Will the load affect vehicle stability See note 4  
Is the load positioned appropriately See note 4  
Is the vehicle suitable for the type of load See note 4  
Has dunnage been correctly chosen, positioned and restrained on the vehicle See note 4  
Is the vehicle combination Operating to Accredited Mass Management Limits   See note 1
Has the Static Rollover Threshold (SRT) been checked See note 4  
Is SRT within allowable limits See note 4  
1. Refer to Assistance Pack for all truck/trailer specifications, speak to Supervisor if permit required
2. Speak to Supervisor to amend permit
3. Refer to Assitance pack RAV Network    
4. Refer to Load Restraint Guide book in truck
** If in doubt check with Main Roads Heavy Vehicle Services
This  checklist is to be done for each load carried on each day, by carting load, driver confirms these checks have been completd