Residents, builders and businesses of Perth have trusted JAG Demolition to deliver hassle-free demolition services for many years. Our highly trained crew of licensed and insured professionals take great care during every step of the process to ensure that each job goes smoothly and suits the needs of our clients.

Our high standards for quality demolition services, reliability and professionalism are what makes us Perth’s preferred demolition company.

Mr Cut Demolition offers a complete residential and commerical demolition service – from council approval to disconnection of services – ensuring a hassle free experience for the client.

Safety is the main priority in the demolition industry, so a Job Safety Analysis is undertaken and prepared for every job – we leave no detail to chance. Mr Cut Demolition has an impeccable safety record.

At Capital Demolition, we offer an extensive range of residential demolition services in Perth, and have the experience and professionalism to effectively perform any job from start to finish. With quality results at competitive prices.

We pride ourselves on offering excellent service to our customers in Perth, if you are ready to demolish your home we can offer:

  • Free, no obligation quote
  • Demolition of homes of all shapes and sizes
  • A trusted company with many years of experience
  • A transparent process from beginning to end
  • A clean and tidy workspace with a focus on recycling
  • Removal and disposal of asbestos
  • Class 1 and Class 2 Demolition license
  • Experience dealing with paperwork and local councils
  • Competitive pricing, we will beat any reputable written quote.


People choose domestic demolition contractors for a variety of reasons. It could be that you love your neighbours, your kids go to the best school in Perth or if you have found your dream block of land, but not your dream home you may discover it is easier and cheaper to start from scratch than embark on an expensive and time consuming renovation process.

Investors both big and small may choose to demolish in order to replace an existing house with a unit development, creating significant opportunities to grow their rental income. Others may prefer to use a demolition company to remove part of the home, maintaining some of the original structure while making way for a new extension.

Or, perhaps you may just like to remove a swimming pool to increase the space in your backyard and cut down on the ongoing maintenance it demands. The hole can then be filled with sand ready for your new landscaping or paving.

Whatever your motivation, when you choose our house demolition services you will know you are using a reputable company who are experts in the field.

Swift Demolition’s team of experienced personnel will ensure that your project is handled professionally and with minimal stress. We are in contact with our client throughout the process and our office staff are well-versed in the management of your demolition and all council requirements.
Our experienced on-site crew make certain that all council requirements are adhered to during the course of the demolition process. 
Prompt, obligation-free quotes are available. Please see Contact page for details. Our estimator will visit the property, arrange the quote and email/fax/mail to the client. Our workers are all highly trained and experienced. Regular training and constant evaluation of our personnel ensure professionalism and a quality service.
Swift Demolition has a Class 2 demolition license, WAD225, and is an accredited Asbestos removalist, license No. WARA329. Where viable, we will endeavour to salvage as much material from the site as possible. This will vary from site to site. 

Demolition Perth is a privately owned Australian company, operating out of Perth, Western Australia.

Our knowledge spans over 10 years of experience with a vast variety of projects around Perth.

“Demolition Perth can co-ordinate a demolition of a project of any size, big or small, give us a call!”

Demolition Perth specialises in commercial and domestic demolition, from partial demolition to total site clearing including pools, trees, and vegetation.

We can organise your building permits and asbestos removal. Concrete and bricks are recycled, along with floor boards and roof tiles where practical.

Demolition Perth will guarantee that we will remove everything from site that is larger than 50mm in thickness and will come back to collect and remove anything left behind if we don’t.

Demolition Perth policy states that all persons employed by the company are part of a team, we endeavour to ensure that all works are performed in the safest possible manner, whilst providing our customers, large and small, with demolition services they can depend on.

Our Commitment

Allday Construction is committed to providing quality advice and achieving project objectives successfully,
on time and on budget for large and small projects alike.

Mission Statement


At Capital Demolition, we pride ourselves on a high standard of work and stand out from our competitors by ensuring a streamlined process from start to finish. We have been in business since 1996 and have since transformed into a company with over 40 employees and our own branded fleet of equipment and trucks. Our house demolition personnel in Perth are fully insured and licensed offering you peace of mind that we will complete the job with expert precision and a focus on safety.

While many contractors will stop the residential demolition work 300mm away from the fence, when you utilise our services you can be assured we will complete the job along the fence line. We offer a stress free process and leave the worksite clean and tidy while removing everything including tree roots and septic tank pipes, and all the clean building waste will be recycled. Approximately 90% of brick and tile is turned into recycled building products, and we have our own recycling tipping stations in convenient locations throughout the Perth area. Our green initiatives have gained us a positive reputation and you can read some testimonials from our satisfied clients.


Our services and fees are transparent, with no hidden costs and a no fuss approach. We are confident in our work and offer a no obligation, free quote and will beat any reputable written quote. With a Class 1 and 2 demolition licenses, we are capable and experienced in all forms of residential and commercial demolition works for domestic properties for both single and multi storey dwellings. We offer both professional asbestos removal and asbestos disposal in Perth, ensuring for a safer environment for you and your family.

The demolition process

On receiving a client confirmation, our experienced office staff will commence with arranging all paperwork and liaise with the client. If the property is vacant, rat baiting will be carried out and the completed application lodged to the council. We will then arrange for all of the relevant disconnections to be finalised, such as power, gas, sewer cut, and seal and septic decommission.

When the license is issued from the council, we then arrange an on-site meeting with the client and our Operations Manager. Following this, the demolition is then scheduled, and the client advised of the impending timeframe.


Demolition Perth can take care of all rat baitingdisconnections of services, and council permits prior to the commencement of your demolition.

Demolition Perth can also perform partial demolitions for renovations and/or re-development.

Complete job satisfaction for our clients keeping costs to a minimum and at all times ensuring the safety and protection of individuals, related property and the environment.



Using heavy-duty equipment, we make sure your structure is completely gutted by systematically tearing down the building piece by piece. Our process is an efficient and cost-effective method to decommission any building or facility.

Contact us to discuss how commercial and industrial demolition services can assist you no matter your location around Perth.


For your convenience, we handle all the cleanup after the demolition is complete. In some cases, we actually pay for the salvage rights of your facility. Not only do you get paid-you also don’t have to pay someone else to haul away the scrap. Contact us today for more information.

Action Asbestos

  • Restricted Asbestos removal 
    (Bonded Asbestos)
  • Unrestricted Asbestos removal 
    (Friable Asebstos) also knows as Limpet
  • Demolition
  • Roofing
  • Asbestos testing
  • Soil remediation
  • Temporary fencing
  • New fences




Asbestos Roof and Fence Removal in Perth

Asbestos has its advantages, but the potential health risks it could bring are noteworthy. The fire-resistant property of this material makes it ideal for roofing and other applications, but the disadvantages of using the material is worth considering. If you’re living in a house built during the early 1900s, then you might beat risk of developing health problems due to excessive exposure to asbestos.
Action Asbestos, Demolition & Roofing offers reliable asbestos roof and fence removal in Perth. We work efficiently to ensure your safety and satisfaction. Your old property may be a treasure, but your family’s health is more valuable. Removing asbestos from your roof, floor and fence could save you thousands of dollars. Be sure to stay clear of any serious respiratory disease and avoid overwhelming hospital bills.

Our Guarantee
Making your property 100% asbestos free is our promise. We never leave the premises of our clients until we are sure that it is safe and clean. Our personalised and affordable service makes us the preferred contractors of Perth residents. Your safety and satisfaction matter most to us, so we work in the most efficient manner. We perform every job with confidence, as we use the most reliable method and equipment to ensure the quality of our work.
We also offer residential, commercial and industrial roofing and demolition services throughout the city. Check out the feedback of our clients to see how good we are at what we do. Contact us so we can discuss your needs and schedule a service.

The Process

  • Upon being awarded a job, we conduct a site inspection to prepare a JSA
  • Rodent baiting is carried out to minimize rodents infesting neighbors during the demolition
  • Application is made to the local council for a Demolition License
  • Dial before you Dig are contacted to provide any service plans
  • Applications are made to the relevant authorities to ensure services are disconnected
  • Site fencing is erected
  • Upon receiving the Demolition Licence and confirmation that services are disconnected, machinery will be delivered to site
  • Any asbestos on site is removed
  • Demolition of the property is then carried out.

Depending on the client requirements, we can also remove swimming pools and trees. All of our services are available across not only the Perth metropolitan area, but also statewide.

The process of demolishing a home can be daunting. There are a range of things which need to be considered if this is your first attempt at residential demolition in Perth. This is not something which should be undertaken yourself, but you can take comfort in the knowledge that we have significant experience and have successfully performed our domestic demolition services more times than we can count.

Unless you are familiar with the system, dealing with local councils can be confusing. When an application is filled out incorrectly it is often dropped to the bottom of the pile, but we understand what local councils are looking for and handle all the paperwork for you. This can significantly speed up your application and could potentially save you weeks of waiting in frustration.

Capital Demolition have had years of experience demolishing small homes right through to massive multi storey mansions. We have demolished some iconic structures in Perth and have a reputation for our excellent work and customer service.

We have dedicated staff members whose sole job is to help you. Before starting we explain the process from start to finish and outline the timeline of what to expect. The timeframe will vary depending on the size of the job and any preparation which needs to be undertaken beforehand. During this phase we request any information we need from you and explain exactly what you can expect from us.

Our equipment is new and well maintained and with ongoing training and assessments for all our ‘Projects Crew’, Capital Demolition can provide safe, efficient and trouble free demolition services for each and every project – big or small.

On receiving a signed quote for demolition, Swift Demolition then liaises with the client advising what is required of them. Note that no deposit or monies are required upfront to our company. It is now time for the demolition experts to begin their work.
excavator and truck during demolition
Swift Demolition then arranges for the application to be lodged with the council. We then rat bait the property and disconnect the electricity, gas, sewer or septic. The client is responsible for the payment of the verge/footpath bond, which is paid directly to the council. This is to be paid prior to the license being issued.
Water is not disconnected from the property as it is a council requirement that water is used on-site during the demolition process. If a requirement by the council, neighbouring properties are advised of the impending demolition by our company.
In general, the council applications take approximately four weeks to be issued. When the license is issued to us, we then fence the property and schedule our stripping crew to the site. The crew will remove any asbestos that may be throughout the property and remove any salvage. After stripping, we then schedule a machine to the site and demolition will then commence.
All blocks are raked to between 600 – 800mm on completion of the demolition and the site is then left clean and ready for site works to commence. On completion of the demolition, Swift Demolition will advise the council of any further information that is required, eg. removal of septic tanks/soakwells/leach drains.

Client requirements

The client is required to complete the appropriate paperwork for the council which is provided to them by our office.

The client is responsible for the payment of all council fees which include demolition costs of $156.65 (this may be subject to change) and bonds/verge inspection fees, which vary from council to council. These are the only costs that are payable before demolition. All or part of council bonds are refundable.
The client is to advise what they want to keep from within the property and must have those items removed before our crew is scheduled on site.

Our friendly crew will discuss with you the safety of the worksite and protection of surrounding areas, any specific permits and whether existing services such as electricity, gas, and water will need to be disconnected. In addition, your property will need to be baited for rodents to meet health department regulations, as a house renovation can equate to furry pests looking for a new residence in your neighbour’s homes. It is all the finer details which can easily be overlooked which we pride ourselves in, our demolition personnel work with precision to ensure the process is smooth and seamless for our valued customers.

At Capital we go above and beyond and our dedicated staff can assist you in completing any additional documentation. This includes filling in and sending off the meter removal (abolishment) forms for you. All you need to do is arrange to close the accounts and pay the bill. We prepare the demolition licence application for you and can even offer assistance if you need to remove a parapet wall. If you need a compaction certificate after the removal of a swimming pool, we can do that for you too.


Vinsan Home Demolition have their own team dedicated to salvaging everything possible from any job so as to reduce waste that is such a large problem in the demolition and building industries.

Our team take everything possible to our very own Salvage Yard which can be found right next door to our offices, keeping everything close to home, and whatever they cannot deposit at our salvage yard we have an array of companies willing to take any salvage items for us, also doing their part to help the environment.

Any items that are not salvaged are taken to a recycling plant where they are repurposed. Things such as trees into mulch, broken down brick into new brick and metal gets melted down and repurposed.

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