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Construction of Drill Pads and Access Tracks

Allday Construction submitted the winning tender response in April 2013 to the Department of Water. The qualitative criteria were weighted with 40% to organisational capability and previous experience, 30% to proposed approach and methodology and 30% to skills and experience of key personnel, therefore we are very proud to have been selected out of a large field of strong responses.

This project consisted of 5 existing sand access tracks of various lengths upgraded to 3.5 metre wide, 200mm compacted crushed limestone and installation of 6, 200mm compacted crushed limestone drill pads of various sizes at various bush locations in Yeal, Yanchep and Pinjar areas.

This project was to provide drilling contractors a safe and easy access for their drilling equipment which weighs up to 20 tonnes per axle to each location to install replacement ground watering bores. The drill pad and tracks were constructed to withstand the initial drilling operations and to remain trafficable for a minimum of 52 weeks following the installation date. The surrounding environment was protected and all work carried out in accordance with work place health and safety systems and procedures in place.

Scope of works included:
Each of the 6 sites consisted of different track lengths and drill pad areas.
In total 5.3km of access tracks and 8,800 m2 of drill pads required the following:

Clear vegetation and grade as per requirements
Create wind-rows at 3.5m to contain the limestone tracks
Supply and spread 12,042 tonnes of limestone
Wet and compact to specifications


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